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The School of Hard Knocks

Remember our old playground where we used to fight to get our turn at probably the only slide in the entire playground? The playground was our ‘school’, our imagination and our friend. Many life lessons were learnt through bruises gathered from knocking on the cement slide and scrapping our knees falling on gritty sandpits and coarse sand poking on our toes.

Upon reflection, we realised we observed, discussed, expressed our intentions, debated, theorized and persuaded others to accept our stand, investigated ideas and thoughts of others to find ways to win the situation, fought for our rights and that of others, enjoyed the exhilaration of winning, found ways to make friends easily, shared our ideas, thoughts and belonging and never walked home alone (without a friend). Come to think of it, we learnt more from the school of hard knocks. These experiences are incorporated at our Daffodil Garden learning experience.

Our School of Hard Knocks experience includes:

  • Sand Garden
  • Waterworks Garden
  • Trampoline Garden
  • Vegetable Gardenr
  • Road Safety Garden (seasonal)
  • Bumpy Garden (seasonal)
  • Music Garden (coming soon)


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