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The Daffodil Experience

Nurturing the right values and skills is of extreme importance in your child's early years of learning. Your choice of the 'right' pre-school is thus a very important one.

At Daffodil Garden, we explore the world we live in through the eyes of our children. Together, learning is enriched through their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness coupled with our insistence of using the world as our classroom. Our "Learning without Boundaries" philosophy together with our "We Teach to Learn" curriculum encourages our children to explore the concepts underlying their learning topics and to respond to situations with confident, responsible action. Learning takes place everywhere without the physical confines of the traditional classroom. Instead, children at Daffodil Garden learn through experimentation, exploration and experiential learning. More importantly, they have FUN.

The unique Daffodil Garden experience is spear-headed by a team of passionate educators who continually set and create new standards for Early Years Education.

Come and join us to be part of this exciting movement, in changing the face of private education; towards a change from a teacher-centric approach to a student-centric approach. Join us to 'stop' teaching and 'start' learning!



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