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Partnership with Parents

We believe that the education of a child is through the joint partnership of their parents and their teachers. We welcome you as an important member of the Daffodil Garden community through the following avenues:

  • Daffodil News
    Keeping you in touch with school activities and events through our half-yearly newsletter.
  • Learning Garden
    Involving parents and parents-to-be with our quarterly parent education workshops on how your child learns and constructs knowledge and up-to-date and relevant teaching methodologies.
  • Parents-in-Class Day
    Our 'Teach to Learn' curriculum involves parents in Class Days, enabling parents to be truly part of the Daffodil Garden learning community.
  • Daffodil Garden Party
    End-of-term curriculum and video presentation and showcase to share your child's learning experiences during the term.
  • Connect @ Daffodil
    Special tea sessions communicating the school's curriculum and event calendar, curriculum goals and expectations at the beginning of each academic year; or simply to get to know parents and your child.
  • CHAT @ Daffodil Garden
    Our CHildren And Teachers' electronic forum and face to face conferences held twice a year to discuss your child's progress and achievements.
  • Parent Support Group
    Encouraging all parents to be truly a member of our Community via our Parent Support Group (PSG) to volunteer for events and charitable fund raising activities.


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